The Story Of Us

Hi there and welcome to I'm the Mama Bird . New to the blogging world, I thought I'd take this time to tell you a little bit about myself and what brought me here...mainly WHO brought me here! 

Let's take it back circa 2004 when a doe-eyed young girl met a curly-haired, flirtatious young man. There was an immediate attraction between the two, innocent but exciting. The girl and the boy quickly fell in love and even at a young age, knew this could be forever.  As high-school ended and it was time to jet off to college, these two sick-in-love kids stuck together while miles apart. They knew there would be challenges ahead but didn't care. They rode buses and the Amtrak from New Rochelle to Amherst and vice versa for years just to spend 12 hours together.  Those very inevitable bumps in the road did not pass them by though - 2009 was a tough year. The old saying "If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they’re yours" held true for them. 

Chris and I found each other again a year and half later. It was as if no time had passed - we were thrown back to a simpler time, standing there like those two kids who had just met.

Here's what happened next: we moved into our first New York City apartment on 68th and 1st, we adopted two kitties, Phoenix and Oliver, we moved to our second New York City apartment on 51st and 2nd, we got engaged in Central Park at the Jackie Onassis Reservoir, we got married on Long Island at the Cold Spring Country Club, we moved to London for 15 months, we traveled the world together during those 15 months, we moved back to Long Island and got pregnant, we bought our first house in my home town of Farmingdale, Long Island and on December 7, 2016 the greatest love we ever new entered our lives and changed everything.

Parenthood has been the most precious gift and the inspiration for I'm the Mama Bird. My hopes for this blog is to create a space to share the beautiful stories and moments that shape my life, in particular raising our sweet Baby Bird Logan. Thank you for joining me - now let's soar!