Excuse Me Baby, Is That a Temper Tantrum?

He may be a wild man but he sure can rock that  Bobble Bomber  like no one else! 

He may be a wild man but he sure can rock that Bobble Bomber like no one else! 

In a strange turn of events, the moment Logan turned one he unleashed a whole new side of himself I truly didn't recognize. This is the side I thought I'd see when he was, I don't know, 2 and a half or 3 years old. I guess he's just leaps and bounds ahead of his time because my already confident but also sensitive little boy has let us all know he's full of very big feelings. And he's full of feelings that can turn into frustrations very quickly and explode before our very eyes.

We've entered the tantrum age at 13 months old and I'm hoping to God the freak outs are this dramatic because he cannot speak and voice his opinions or feelings. Instead of waiting for me to introduce an activity to him, or giving him snack or preparing a bottle, he knows well before I do what he wants or needs and does everything in his power to articulate that want. He definitely isn't understanding though that he can't have 12 Oreo's just because he wants them right before dinner. This is partially my fault though because I hold him a lot when I'm in the kitchen and sneak him snacks here and there. But now he knows where the Oreo's live...he know's where his bottles live...he know's the Yogi Bites are in a basket under the coffee cups. He knows too much! And because he knows too much he is testing me every second of the day and hoping if he badgers enough he'll get that cookie or Yogi Bite or a second bottle of milk when we both know he'll barf it right up. And when I say no....oh hell. The tantrums have an added layer to them now and it's something I know all parents go through, I'm just not sure they go through it this early in the game. Logan has started to hit and not just with his hands but with toys too. Sometimes he does it in a playful manner and doesn't get that he's hurting another person. Other times, he's lashing out and hitting because I didn't give him that cookie or I decided to go to the bathroom by myself. We say NO, NO very sternly and are teaching him to be more gentle so I'm hoping he picks up good habits from watching us. 

Another part to all of this is his overly curious, very independent and strong nature...the very qualities that make him who he is. He isn't afraid to test boundaries or fall and bump his head because he walked before he was 9 months old with no fear. He is sturdy and confident and wants to go above and beyond with everything he does. I love this about him. I love that he is a leader and open minded and has a brain that doesn't shut off like his Dads. So I'm going to chalk these tantrums and semi aggression up to frustration because he's so damn smart and probably just needs to challenged! And it's my job to feed that curiosity and give him the tools to flourish - I should only be so lucky. Terrible ones and twos and threes, bring it on!